Fact-check policy

At Aware Bharat, we’re all about providing you with accurate and reliable news. Here’s how we do it:

1. Trustworthy Sources:

We get our news from credible sources, like official statements and experts, so you can count on it.

2. Checking the Facts:

Before we share a story, our experienced journalists double-check the details to make sure it’s accurate.

3. Fixing Mistakes:

If we make a mistake, we’ll fix it fast. If you spot an error, please let us know, and we’ll sort it out.

4. Transparency:

Aware Bharat values transparency and will provide sources and references when appropriate, allowing our readers to verify the information independently.

5. Your Feedback:

We love to hear from you. If you think something’s not right, tell us, and we’ll look into it.

6. Fact-Checking Help:

We use trusted fact-checking resources to make sure our information is solid.

7. Making Things Right:

If we get something wrong, we’ll say so and set it straight. We own up to our mistakes.

Our Fact Check Policy is all about giving you the best news possible. If you ever have questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Thanks for choosing Aware Bharat for your news in Hindi.

The Aware Bharat